Who We Are

Academy of Research and Development (ACoRD) is a professional membership organization and training institute, focused on career development with impact, relevance and value. We have been building careers and developing a blend of soft skills skill sets with our world-class training courses.

Our leading edge approach of training and professional education includes workshops, professional education, executive coaching, hand-holding and customized training material created to suit the needs of the organization. As result our client see a measurable increase in employee performance, customer satisfaction and revenues.

What We Do

We support and empower the academicians, research scholars, faculty members, teachers and personals serving at different levels of their organizations both in the academia and corporate sector, while offering bespoke training in a number of key areas of research, teachings, enterprise, business development and management. We support the talent development profession by providing trusted content in the form of research, events, and education programs and trainings.

Who Were Serve

Our members and customers are faculties, students, professionals and individuals who help themselves and the organizations where they work to achieve their full potential by improving their knowledge, skills, and abilities in the workplace. Our services, programs and trainings are suitable for academia, public as well as private organizations, and are suitable for- profit companies as well as for not-for- profit and NGOs.