About Us

Academy of Research and Development PLT (ACoRD) is a registered research firm working both in Malaysia and Pakistan that provides platforms for academicians to excel in knowledge creation, cutting edge research, and knowledge sharing. ACoRD has started their work in 2013 with aim to encourage young scholars, academicians, faculty members & corporate researchers to conduct meaningful research and provide useful knowledge for research & development, academia, corporate sector, and socio-economic development all over the world nations.

ACoRD has been regularly organizing academic workshops in collaboration with University of Malaya, Malaysian Centre of Regulatory Studies (UMCoRS) and UCSI consulting group from last few years. ACoRD has been working to empower the academicians, research scholars, corporate businesses, social & management scientists, and personnel of different levels of different organizations and offering bespoke and customized trainings in a number of key areas of business, social sciences, and management which are deemed suitable for public as well as private organizations, and also suitable for profit companies as well as non-profit organizations

ACoRD is growing and expending its horizon of services while offering a blend increasing working in Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, and Pakistan while providing their services in multiple and diverse domains of academia, research and corporate sector.