About us

Academy of Research and Development (ACoRD)

Academy of Research and Development PLT (ACoRD) is a registered research firm working both in Malaysia and Pakistan that provides platforms for academicians to excel in knowledge creation, cutting edge research, and knowledge sharing. ACoRD has started their work in 2013 with aim to encourage young scholars, academicians, faculty members & corporate researchers to conduct meaningful research and provide useful knowledge for research & development, academia, corporate sector, and socio-economic development all over the world nations.

ACoRD has been regularly organizing academic workshops in collaboration with University of Malaya, Malaysian Centre of Regulatory Studies (UMCoRS) and UCSI consulting group from last few years. ACoRD has been working to empower the academicians, research scholars, corporate businesses, social & management scientists, and personnel of different levels of different organizations and offering bespoke and customized trainings in a number of key areas of business, social sciences, and management which are deemed suitable for public as well as private organizations, and also suitable for profit companies as well as non-profit organizations

ACoRD is growing and expending its horizon of services while offering a blend increasing working in Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, and Pakistan while providing their services in multiple and diverse domains of academia, research and corporate sector.


Create a Work Force that delivers their best researchers, corporate leaders and scholars and enables one to identify the weaknesses and change it into strengths through teaching, guidance and counseling.

Who We Are

Academy of Research and Development (ACorD) is a professional membership organization and training institute, focused on career development with impact, relevance and value. We have been building careers and developing a blend of soft skills skill sets with our world-class training courses.
Our leading edge approach of training and professional education includes workshops, professional education, executive coaching, hand-holding and customized training material created to suit the needs of the organization. As result our client see a measurable increase in employee performance, customer satisfaction and revenues.


  • Quality with Continuous Improvement
  • Cooperation with Service
  • Initiative which Exceeds Customer Expectations

Core Values

  • We work with ethics and integrity, always keeping our client’s needs above our own.
  • To be objective and transaction-oriented and thereby earn trust and respect
  • To strive relentlessly, constantly improve ourselves, our teams, our services and products to become the best


We aims to empower the personal those serving in academic disciplines and corporate sector with knowledge and skills that would markedly boost on-the- job productivity and thereby contributing substantively to the goals of their organizations

What We Do

We support and empower the academicians, research scholars, faculty members, teachers and personals serving at different levels of their organizations both in the academia and corporate sector, while offering bespoke training in a number of key areas of research, teachings, enterprise, business development and management. We support the talent development profession by providing trusted content in the form of research, events, and education programs and trainings.

Who We Serve

Our members and customers are faculties, students, professionals and individuals who help themselves and the organizations where they work to achieve their full potential by improving their knowledge, skills, and abilities in the workplace. Our services, programs and trainings are suitable for academia, public as well as private organizations, and are suitable for- profit companies as well as for not-for- profit and NGOs.


We use a combination of case studies, Role plays, games, Interactive activities and Audio Video Clips along with Power point presentation in order to make the process learning 100 % Experimental.


Dr. Tariq Ahmed

Dr. Tariq Ahmed


Dr Tariq Ahmed has received his Ph.D. in Entrepreneurship and Innovation from University of Malaya in Malaysia. He has taught courses in Entrepreneurship, Statistics, and Research Methods at undergraduate and postgraduate level. He is currently supervising numerous students at the MS and PhD levels. He is a trained Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) analysis instructor having attended trainings by Professor Joseph Hair (University Sains Malaysia) and Professor Ramayah, at university of Malaya.

Dr Tariq is a founder and CEO of Academy of Research and Development PLT, the company is currently operating in Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and Dubai.  Over the year’s entrepreneurship and strategic management became his passion. Dr Tariq is trainer and consultant in the field of entrepreneurship development.  His workshops and presentations illustrate how to become even more successful by using a creative approach to business. Tariq explains how best to use creative business models, competitive advantage, strategic marketing, and profitable growth strategies. He speaks about the viability of business ideas, business growth, marketing and promotion, international business and other subjects relevant to businesses.

He has extensive research experience using a wide range of statistical packages, which includes but is not limited to SPSS, SEM AMOS and SEM Smart PLS. His articles have been accepted and published in top-ranked and reputable journals such as international journal of entrepreneurial behavior & research, Educational Studies, international journal of institutions and economies and global review of business and economic research.

Prof. Dr. Vgr Chandran A/l GovindarajuProf.

Prof. Dr. Vgr Chandran A/l GovindarajuProf.

Dr. Vgr Chandran A/l Govindaraju holds an honorary position in the board of directors of Academy of Research and Development PLT. Dr. VGR Chandran is an Associate Professor at Department of Development Studies, Faculty of Economics and Administration, University of Malaya. He has also worked as a Principal Analyst of Economic and Policy Studies with Malaysian Industry-Government Group for High Technology (MIGHT), Prime Minister’s Department, Malaysia. He holds a PhD in Economics and has held positions as a consultant and research associate with several international institutions including United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), Korea Institute of S&T Evaluation and Planning (KISTEP), New York Academy of Sciences (NYAS), Copenhagen Business School, Denmark. His experience include leading and conducting research projects related to industrial competitiveness, innovation and technology policy, regional and industrial development and policy evaluation. He has published in Journal of Policy Modeling, Energy Policy, Applied Economics Letters, International Journal of Innovation and Technology Management, Innovation: Management Policy and Practice and Asian-African Journal of Economics and Econometrics. He has given invited speech at KIET, ADBI, University of Nottingham, Malaysia and many other places – locally and internationally.